PERK is a quick ‘in-clinic’ treatment that includes a ‘take home’ product to enhance results.

Suitable for any age and most skin types, it can be used to boost lips, refresh the eye area or treat the mid face to give the skin an instant and healthy glow.

Each PERK treatment is designed to take no longer than 10 minutes. If you choose all three, you will be refreshed and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

PERK works on the basis that every 28 days there is a new build-up of skin cells that will block pores and make the skin look dull and lack lustre.

During the procedure, a roller pen is guided over the skin and a treatment tip exfoliates the dead layer of skin whilst a vacuum gently sucks it away. Pores are slightly opened allowing for a supply of anti-oxidants and nutrients to be rolled onto the surface of the skin.

Results are instant and there is no downtime with the procedure.

The remaining supply of anti-oxidants and nutrients in the roller pen are the take home product that can be used in between treatments to enhance results.

We would recommend that you avoid having a PERK treatment for two weeks after a procedure such as muscle relaxing injections and Dermal Fillers (but only in the area that was treated). So if you’ve had dermal fillers to the mid-face, you can still enjoy a lip and eye PERK.

PERK- Fine lines - dull skin treatment

PERK is effective for treating

  • Fine lines
  • Dull skin
  • Congested skin
  • Lips that have lost volume
  • Tired eyes

PERK treatment summary

recovery-time-icon Recovery Time: None
treatment-time-icon Treatment time: 15 minutes
number-of-treatments-icon Number of treatments: Recommended monthly
longevity-of-results-icon Longevity of results: 1 month
price-icon Approximate cost: From £30
course-advised-icon Course advised: Yes

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