What is your underarm sweating costing you?

At first glance, this may seem like a strange question. However, if you suffer with excessive underarm sweating, it certainly is one to consider.

We see many patients who are pretty much exasperated by the time they arrive at our clinic. They have usually tried a multitude of methods to help reduce or mask their excessive sweating. All with varying degrees of success.

So much so, that at first it can be difficult for us to assure them that the miraDry procedure can permanently cure the problem that has usually blighted them for many years.

miraDry to cure underarm sweating

A natural concern about the miraDry procedure is one of cost. After trying so many solutions that have not helped or worked – there is a hesitancy to invest any further money when nothing else has provided a permanent solution in the past.

We find that it helps patients to gain perspective on just how costly it is to live with the problem of excessive sweating.

We ask them to think about what they spend on the following, to see how much they are spending per year, right now.

Over the counter disposable underarm shields
Reusable shields
Anti-sweat t-shirts
New clothing to replace sweat-ruined items
Sweat reduction injections
Dry cleaning bills

Money is not the only factor

We also hear from patients that money is only part of their story.

Whilst it is easy to measure in monetary cost, it is less easy to quantify the intangible costs that come with a life burdened by sweating.

Such as carrying around a spare change of clothing, extra time spent showering, panic over social situations and job interviews, diminished confidence and just an overall sense of feeling down.

All these emotional costs are real, and they are often the most contributing factor to people deciding on trusting the miraDry procedure to lift the burden of underarm sweat from their lives.

The miraDry procedure at Absolute Aesthetics costs £1,650. If needed there is a payment plan option available through Zebra Finance that will help to spread the cost.

Please note that most people find that a single treatment works for them. However, depending on the degree of sweat and or odour problem that you experience, some people may require a second treatment to attain maximal reduction of sweat and odour.

Vicki Smith, Director of Absolute Aesthetics, suffered with excessive underarm sweating for many years and has shared her story on how the miraDry procedure has been  life changing for her.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment for a consultation either in person or over the telephone, please call 01483 477 189 (Guildford) or 020 3757 7178 (London).

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