Stop underarm sweating this summer – MiraDry


You can stop underarm sweating in time for this summer.

We will be streaming a LIVE MiraDry Treatment soon!

MiraDry is a revolutionary non-invasive technique that permanently destroys sweat glands. Introduced to Absolute Aesthetics in May 2016, Vicki Smith and her team have three years experience of this new technique.

How does MiraDry work?

The underarm sweat glands lie on the underside of the skin. The skin of the armpit is about 2.5 mm thick. Therefore the sweat glands lie between 1-2.5 mm below the surface.

The MiraDry uses microwave to heat up the sweat glands and destroy them permanently. However, very cleverly, it cools the surface of the skin. Thus the microwave permanently destroys the sweat glands without burning the skin.

Because this is a delicate balance, most people need two treatments to completely sweat free. People with very severe sweating may require three treatments. Conversely, those with quite mild sweating may only need one treatment.

Consultation and consent for MiraDry.

Although MiraDry is non-invasive, it is still a medical procedure. Therefore before the start of any MiraDry treatment, patients attend a consultation. During the consultation, the patient is provided with verbal and written information. They are asked to read through and sign a consent form if they wish to proceed.

How is MiraDry performed?

"<yoastmarkThe patient lies on their back with arms raised over their head. The skin is cleaned and prepared.

The area of sweating is marked on the skin. A special template is then transferred onto the skin as a temporary transfer.

Injection of a local anaesthetic makes the procedure itself pain free. However, the injections of local anaesthetic can sting. Most people find that this is the only part of the process that it is uncomfortable or even painful.

The MiraDry handpiece is placed precisely on the areas marked by the transfer. The machine is activated in each position. The treatment end sucks the skin gently against a cool plate. The skin surface is cooled as the sweat glands are ablated with microwave.

Immediately after MiraDry, ice packs cool the area.

What to expect after MiraDry.

Some inflammation is inevitable. Inflammation is the body’s way of healing. Most people find some bruising, redness and heat for up to 3 days after each treatment. However, most patients find this totally tolerable to get rid of their sweating problem!

Those patients who complete the course and do not have other medical conditions or medication that causes sweating can expect a very good result.

In our experience, there are very few patients who report minimal or no change to their underarm sweating. So far, such patients have either failed to complete the course of treatments or have had a medical condition or are taking medication that can cause sweating.

Live broadcast of a MiraDry treatment.

In the coming weeks, we are going to broadcast a live case of MiraDry treatment from Absolute Aesthetics in Guildford. The case will be streamed on Facebook live.

Check back to this website or our Facebook page ( for more information.

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