COVID-19 stay at home facial during lockdown

#StayatHome Facial Guide During Lockdown

Whether your skin is in desperate need of some pampering, or you just find yourself at home during lockdown with some extra time on your hands – you thankfully don’t have to go further than your bathroom for a pampering facial!

Step 1:  Cleanse

A facial always starts with cleaning your skin. Tie up your hair, slip on a headband (perhaps light a scented candle and put on your most relaxing playlist) to bring that calm, tranquil vibe to your bathroom. To clean the skin thoroughly, we encourage you to do a double cleanse. This can be done using either clean hands or with cotton pads and using a makeup remover cleanser or ‘cold cream’. This will remove any make up, or natural oils and dirt on the skin from during the day. By massaging your skin either with your hands or cotton pads in gentle motions without dragging the skin, be gentle around the eye area but ensuring the hairline and jawline are cleaned thoroughly as these areas sometimes get missed.

Once complete, move on to a foaming cleanser which will help remove any final stubborn residue of make up or oils on the skin but also remove any remaining make up remover cream.

Step 2: Exfoliate

The dead, dry skin cells that impact your natural radiance will not be removed with just a cleanser. Using a gentle scrub with grains will get the job done. Again, this to be rubbed into the skin in gentle circular motions paying extra to the nose and creases of the nostrils and chin area- they areas that are more susceptible to congestion. Exfoliating should be done no more that 1-2 times per week.

Step 3: Treat

The application of a serum to the skin next post exfoliation will allow deeper penetration. A Vitamin C serum is rich is antioxidants, helping reduce premature ageing and stimulating collagen production. Now is the best time to apply a treatment product to address your biggest skincare issue (if you have any). If it is pigmentation, use brightening products. Worried about wrinkles? You will want to use your anti-ageing serum full of collagen-encouraging ingredients.

Step 4: Hydrate with a mask

To complete your facial, instead of applying your regular moisturiser, give your skin a blast of hydration with a face mask, preferably one containing hyaluronic acid as it will help restore the skin’s hydration giving a healthy, fresh appearance. When you are done, a plump, supple looking complexion will be yours to enjoy whilst on lockdown.

Post lockdown we would encourage you to come to the clinic for a Hydrafacial and take advantage of the discount available as we reopen

At Absolute Aesthetics we are not currently available for consultations or treatment face to face but we would be very happy to post skincare products to you during this period or arrange a video consultation at a time convenient for you. For information on the costs of face masks, Vitamin C serum and other products please contact the team on 0330 058 1850  or email

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