Reducing excessive sweating – educational session

miraDry® for excessive sweating

It is thought that between one and three people in every 100 suffer with excessive sweating in the underarm area. Clinically known as Hyperhidrosis, it can have a real negative effect on people’s lives.

At Absolute Aesthetics we use a technology called miraDry® to treat underarm sweating. miraDry is the only non-surgical and permanent solution clinically proven to reduce underarm sweat and odour.

miraDry for excessive sweating

The miraDry system destroys the glands that cause underarm sweating

As part of the spring open day being held at our Guildford Clinic on Wednesday 8th March, Victoria Smith, Director and Practitioner at Absolute Aesthetics will be hosting two 30 minute sessions on hyperhidrosis and the miraDry® system.

During the session, Victoria will share her own personal experience and discuss how the miraDry system reduced her sweating to the point where she no longer has to use antiperspirants or deodorants. Having spent years of worrying and feeling embarrassed about her Hyperhidrosis, the miraDry treatment has been an absolute life changing experience for her.

Vicki Smith suffered with excessive sweating

Victoria Smith, Director and Practitioner at Absolute Aesthetics

Who should attend the session?

Anybody who suffers or has a friend or family member who suffers with excessive underarm sweating will find the session useful.

Only those who are affected by excessive sweating will relate to the worry, anxiety and stress caused by this medical condition.

Victoria will explain about the technology behind the miraDry System and how it works to destroy the underarm sweat glands so that they do not grow back – making results long lasting.

Sessions are being held at 12.30 and 19.00.

To allow us to cater for numbers, please telephone 01483 477 189 or email us to confirm your place.

The clinical team will also be hosting sessions on lump, bump and lesion removal and anti-ageing aesthetic procedures and skincare products

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