Lockdown breakouts have you in a tizz?

Are you suffering from lockdown breakouts despite the reduction of pollution and use of make-up? Discover what our experts have said on how you can combat these breakouts.

Don’t Overdo It 

One of the main reasons people are suffering from ‘lockdown’ breakouts is due to the overdoing of their skincare. People are spending so much time indulging in some self-care (and rightly so) by ordering and testing new products as a coping mechanism. However, chopping and changing your routine can create an imbalance in your skin and can cause irritation. We believe in a simple motto – Simple and consistent is key to good skin care!

Keep Stress In Check

We all know that any big change in routine can influence your complexion. As we know a big trigger to breakouts is stress – so it’s not surprising so many of us are seeing more spots than usual. When we are stressed, our skin produces a certain hormone that stimulates oil glands, causing them to overproduce, resulting in clogged pores and unwanted breakouts. We know it’s difficult to contain anxiety and stress right now, it’s worth considering key elements that can help control stress with the likes of a regular routine including exercise and enough sleep. Taking care of yourself will benefit your internal and external health.

Stick To A Daily Cleanse

A thorough and good cleanse is one of the best ways to help any breakout. Your skin thrives on monotony so stick to a daily routine both morning and evening.

*products can be altered according to patient skin type and sensitivities

The above collection of products are all medical skincare products and as such will have an active effect addressing some of your skin concerns during lockdown. If you are looking for products that truly deliver youthful and healthy skin, this routine can make the difference so you will emerge from lockdown with bright, healthy skin.

You can purchase the above collection for a Total of £218 (includes P&P) or if local, doorstep delivery can be arranged.

For enquiries on additional products or to arrange a video consultation to address any other concerns, please contact us on 0330 058 1850 or email

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