How to care for skin when constantly washing your hands

How to care for skin when constantly washing your hands

Never has washing your hands and face been so vitally important. However, for those living with very sensitive skin – the constant cleansing can cause irritation and flare-ups.

Your Skins Barrier

The skin acts as a barrier between the outside environment and the underlying soft tissue. So with excessive washing with cold or hot water and exfoliating can get rid of the skins natural oils and can cause dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

We advise that when washing your hands, for the suggested 20 seconds or longer, it is best to use lukewarm water.

Very hot water can dry your hands out. When using lukewarm water and be generous with the soap to lather your hands(we know this may be hard given the current situation with panic buyers)

Use Moisturising soap

Many soaps can strip the skin and cause them to dry and crack, we advise, where possible wash your hands with soap that is moisturising. Most creamy consistency soaps will work.

No matter what type of soap you’re using, try not to rush and be aggressive with the process. Always be gentle and not aggravate the skin too much.

Pat your Hands Dry

After washing your hands, pat them dry and gently dry them with a clean towel, making sure you dry between each of your finger and around any rings or jewellery. Aggressive rubbing can cause more irritation to the skin, especially if the hands are already tender and irritated to begin with.

Rehydrate – the correct way!

When water isn’t sealed into the skin after washing, it will more than likely dry out your hand.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to apply hand cream afterward washing your hands. We even suggest using a moisturiser after every wash, before bed, while watching tv in the evening and whenever your skin feels dry. 

With creams, if your skin is already irritated, start with a basic hydrator and eventually you can revert to gradually introducing treatment products with potential irritants, once your skins barrier function has been restored.

It’s always advised to pay attention to the ingredients in your skin routine products. Ideally you would want to avoid potential irritants like sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Important to note: If you choose to carry around your own cleanser and moisturiser with you when you are out for essential item shopping, remember to disinfect the containers regularly, otherwise, these containers could very well become a breeding ground for all sorts of germs.

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