How microwaves can stop sweaty armpits

How microwave energy will stop excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is clinically known as Hyperhidrosis. Whilst it is normal to sweat, for some men and women, the problem can be very extreme. Excessive sweating can limit their lifestyle and  become unmanageable on a day to day basis. In some cases this can lead to depression, lack of confidence and a fear of social situations.

Sufferers tend to avoid wearing light coloured clothing or those made of synthetic fibres. We have seen patients who pack out their clothing with kitchen towel or use panty-liners under their arms throughout the day to help absorb sweat.


sweaty armpits

Sufferers avoid wearing light coloured clothing

For those with excessive underarm sweating, a procedure known as miraDry can be life changing.

MiraDry uses microwave energy. This energy is delivered to the underarm area where the sweat glands are located and destroys them. Whilst the glands are being heated and destroyed, the top layers of the skin are simultaneously cooled and protected. The effects are long-lasting because the sweat glands, once destroyed, do not regenerate.

Effects can be seen almost immediately and the results are long lasting. Some patients may only need one miraDry procedure whilst others may benefit from two procedures for optimum results. Very occasionally a third treatment may be required.

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