Five things that women with great skin always do

Remove makeup

However tired or busy these women are, they will always find time at the end of each day to remove their make-up. A cleanser is key to great skincare as it not only removes makeup but also the pollutants, dirt and grime that build up during the day. With oil and sebum building up on the skin overnight, cleansing in the morning is just as important – especially if you consider what might be transferred from the pillow to your face …………

At Absolute Aesthetics, we use and recommend the Obagi Gentle Cleanser or Obagi CRX Cleanser. Depending on your skin type and skincare requirements, one of these cleansers can be included in your daily skincare routine.


A top tip from women with great looking and healthy skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation will increase blood circulation and remove the dry and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, allowing new cells to surface and give the skin back its healthy glow.  

There are several excellent at home exfoliation kits such as the Agera Microderma System that can be used once or twice a week. However, the Rolls Royce of exfoliation is the HydraFacial procedure where a mild skin peel and antioxidants are applied simultaneously to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Wear Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Women with healthy skin know how important it is to wear SPF50 every day – no matter what the season – even if it is cloudy and wet outside. Sun protection is an absolute must for their great looking skin.

Using a SPF each day will slow down collagen breakdown and the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

And as the sun can cause skin cancer, it makes SPF one of the safest and simplest additions to your daily skincare routine.

Absolute Aesthetics recommend the Obagi tinted sunscreen with SFP50. It acts on two different levels and protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst giving your skin a natural looking and slightly polished, light radiant tint.

Update their skincare routine

Our switched on ladies know that it’s important to adjust their skincare routine according to what is happening to their skin. They know that their skin is continuously being challenged by factors such as the sun, pollution and seasonal weather and life changes such as pregnancy and menopause will also have an impact.

Tweaking a skincare routine and removing or adding products is key to great looking skin. For example, using a moisturiser such as Obagi Hydrate will help keep skin hydrated and soft throughout the winter months and could be replaced with a lighter Vitamin C serum for the spring and summer months.

Eat a healthy diet

Nourishing the skin from within

Our gorgeous looking ladies understand the importance of nourishing their skin from within so if you want healthy, radiant skin, remember the old adage ‘you are what you eat’.

Cutting down on sugars, bad fats, caffeine and alcohol will all help towards achieving a nice glow to the skin, so look at including the right foods into your diet to nourish from the inside out.

Finally, to limit the chances of your skin looking dry, tired and grey – don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day.

Absolute Aesthetics offer skincare consultations that include an in-depth analysis of your skin using the Visia facial scanning system. All packages are bespoke to patients and results reviewed and adjusted at regular appointments throughout the seasonal year.

Contact us via email to make an appointment or telephone 0330 058 1850.

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