Anti-ageing injections – what you need to know

Anti-ageing injections and what to consider

If you are considering anti-ageing injections then you will need to do some research before going ahead with an appointment.

It is very sensible to make sure you have some prior knowledge about the types of products that are available and you have an idea of what you should consider in terms of who to trust to inject them.

Just Google ‘anti-ageing injections’ and you will be presented with a wide range of information from clinics and products to practitioners and press stories (both good and bad).

This minefield of information can be confusing – so what is it that you should be looking for when choosing your practitioner?

anti-ageing injections

You need to know you can trust your Practitioner

Have a consultation

First off, you absolutely must have a consultation. A reputable practitioner and clinic will insist upon this and you will be expected to pay (even if you decide you do not wish to have a treatment). You are paying for their time and expert advice so be wary of free consultations.

Expect the consultation to last anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes – it should never feel rushed. This is your time to ask questions.

Ask questions

Find out about the practitioner and their training, how much experience they have had and what products they prefer to use and why. The more experienced injectors will have trained with leading industry suppliers such as Galderma and Merz Aesthetics. They have very high, self-imposed protocols regarding training and education, and will only train and supply products to selected and fully qualified nurses, GP’s and Surgeons.

You may not realise that muscle relaxing injections and Dermal Fillers are prescription products. If the practitioner is not authorised to prescribe or does not work in a clinical facility, you have to question how and where they are getting their products and who trained them to inject.

Expect to be asked about your medical history, lifestyle and why you wish to have the treatment done. A good practitioner will be honest with you about what can realistically be achieved and make suggestions as to what products they would suggest and why.

Never be tempted by special ‘one day only’ offers and don’t make a decision based on the lowest cost option. It is a competitive industry and reputable practitioners and clinics will not be drawn into price wars and tend to keep their fees at the higher end of the scale.

Finally, never feel pressurised to go ahead with a treatment at the time. If anything, you should be given information leaflets and encouraged to take your time to think things over and return for treatment on another day.

The best kept secret!

Ironically, the best but most difficult way to select your practitioner and clinic is by word of mouth. Facial injections are incredibly popular and the chances are you already have a friend, colleague or family member who is already having regular treatments – the trick is to get them to admit to it. So many like to keep it as their secret to looking less tired and fresh faced.

The best you can do is casually slip into a conversation you are thinking of having some anti-ageing treatments and wait to see how the conversation unfolds!

Absolute Aesthetics have a team of three injectors who are available at both the Guildford and London Clinic. They regularly attend international conferences and training sessions to keep themselves up to speed with advances in the industry, allowing them to give our patients the best service and advice in both technique and products.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us or telephone 01483 477 189 or 020 3757 7178.

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