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Turn back the hands of time

Next to your face, the skin on your hands is the most exposed part of your body. Difficult to protect, they are frequently exposed to a wide range of abuse on a daily basis. From the sun to the cold, cleaning detergents and washing up, the delicate skin on our hands is certainly put through its paces. And as if this wasn’t enough, your genes and gravity will also influence the way in which your hands age.

ITV’s This Morning

Journalist, Eve Cameron, had her hands treated at Absolute Aesthetics for ITV’s This Morning’s programme feature ‘turn back the hands of time’.

ageing hands

Eve Cameron, Beauty Director of Good Housekeeping Magazine

In the report, Eve explains how age spots and prominent veins and tendons had made her hands look old – affectionately referring to the look as ‘granny hands’.

As age spots were part of the problem for Eve, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) was used to remove the brown spots and patches from the skin by selectively targeting the melanin whilst leaving the other cells in the skin untouched. This unique feature makes the procedure safe and very effective at removing brown sun damage spots from the skin. Eve was happy with the results after just one treatment which was performed by Vicki Smith.

Eve then met with Yvette Newman who demonstrated how Dermal Filler injections can be used to restore volume, re-hydrate and plump out the skin of the hands to hide wrinkles and the veiny and bony prominences.

The use of injections may sound scary but the procedure is not only safe, it is very well tolerated by patients and gives a nice, natural result.

Dermal fillers can reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of veiny and bony prominences


ageing hands

IPL can easily remove age spots (also known as liver spots or sun spots)

To protect and maintain the quality of skin on the hands you should be using a hand cream with a high sun protection as part of your daily care regime and do remember that even on the coldest of days your hands are still exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Signs of ageing hands

Typically, one of the first signs of ageing hands starts in the 40’s and 50’s with the appearance of age spots, also referred to as liver or sun spots. These are flat areas of dark pigmentation that often appear on the face, chest, arms, shoulder and hands. In other words, those areas most exposed to the sun. They are caused by the production of excess melanin in the skin as a direct result of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

During the 50’s and 60’s, the skin starts to become thinner and a loss of volume and fat causes the underlying bones, tendons and veins to become more prominent. In women, depleting Oestrogen levels caused by the menopause will mean the skin is far less plump and fleshy, making them far more vulnerable to the ageing process.

In order to decide which treatments are suitable, we would suggest that you meet with one of our practitioners who will have the chance to examine your hands and advise on a tailor made programme specifically for you.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us using the contact form or email us or call on 01483 477 197 or 020 3757 7178.


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