A patient’s perspective on miraDry

Growing up in South Africa – underarm sweat was a given. It tends to go very unnoticed when you’re living in a humid, dry country (you just assume its really normal to sweat a lot – as just about everyone has sweaty pits there).

It was only when I emigrated to England that made me notice my underarm sweating more than I did in South Africa. I started becoming a bit self-conscious about it and was more aware of the tops I would wear and would constantly have deodorant and perfume on hand.

Working in marketing and in the aesthetic industry, I came across information on miraDry in the early stages of me emigrating to the country. I got to learn about the treatment from the experts at Absolute Aesthetics as well as got to witness the treatment being done via their Facebook Live (View Chris Smith’s miraDry Treatment here).

The more I learnt about the treatment, the more intrigued I was about it and the feedback I had read and heard from patients had been phenomenal.

If you research various treatments for excessive underarm sweating, you will find numerous ‘solutions’ from prescription-strength antiperspirant and sweat absorbing pads to injections – none of which came close to my information and encounters of miraDry.

What is miraDry?

Absolute Aesthetics Practitioner, Fernanda, who did my miraDry treatment
Absolute Aesthetics Practitioner, Fernanda, who did my miraDry treatment

MiraDry, is a non-invasive treatment that eliminates armpit sweat with the added perk of eliminating your odour glands, and underarm hair. Through the specially designed handpiece, the miraDry system delivers electromagnetic energy to the skin. The energy is carefully targeted to the area where the sweat glands are located and then eliminates them. As the destroyed sweat glands do not grow back, the procedure gives a long-lasting reduction in sweating.

Typically for most patients, one or two treatments with miraDry® will result in a permanent reduction in sweating. Occasionally a third is required. As the sweat glands are eliminated, they do not grow back so the sweating does not return.

Leading up to the treatment

I was advised to shave under my arms 3 days ahead of time, because the hair growth helps to identify which area needs to be treated. I was also advised to try skip deodorant the day of my appointment. That was the only preparation needed. The rest would be left up to my practitioner on the day of the treatment. Easy as pie, right?

How the treatment works

miraDry temporary tattoo, this is used as a guide when the treatment is being done
miraDry temporary tattoo, this is used as a guide when the treatment is being done

At the start of my appointment my Absolute Aesthetics practitioner, Fernanda, briefed through what the treatment entails – what to expect pre, during and post treatment. Following on from this my armpits where then sanitized following with a series of local anaesthetic injections by an aesthetic nurse practitioner to numb the area (I definitely have a phobia of needles so this part was my main concern, HOWEVER, this was done so gently that most of the time I did not feel a thing).

My underarms where marked with a temporary tattoo, this is used as a guide when the treatment is being done before Fernanda could get to work and ablate those sweat and odour glands!  

I hardly felt anything, besides a slight suction sensation, as Fernanda moved the miraDry handpiece slowly along the markers, zapping each section marked by the tattoo. As she finished the right side, she moved onto the left side and before I knew it, it was all over with and Fernanda was cleaning both treatment areas.

Immediately after the treatment

For the next 24 – 48 hours following treatment I was advised to ‘ice the area’ for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off and if necessary, it would be fine to take Ibuprofen. In the first few hours after treatment, my arms were still numb and puffed up from the anaesthetic (add ice to this area and you can imagine, absolutely nothing was felt.)

I was advised to stay away from deodorant and razors for about a week and that antibacterial shower gel was a must. While this was a non-invasive treatment, it was still a treatment none-the-less and strenuous activity was advised to be avoided, with the exception raising and lowering my arms gently every now and then.

About 4 hours post treatment I experienced a slight burning and tingling feeling, but nothing that made me worry or that required any ibuprofen. It was completely bearable, and I carried on with my evening as I normally would.

1-day Post Treatment

1 day post miraDry treatment at Absolute Aesthetics
1 day post miraDry treatment at Absolute Aesthetics

The very next day post treatment I had one slight bruise under my left arm. This was expected due to the suction process the miraDry handpiece uses to bring your skin and glands closer to the surface.

Generally, through any heatwave I would get sweaty whilst manically getting ready for work, but nothing appeared, my armpits where still dry and odourless. I carried on with my workday as normal, checking every now and then for sweat stains, but there was no sign of wetness or odour.

3 days post treatment

3 days post miraDry treatment at Absolute Aesthetics

3 days post treatment and I am still elated by the results. I have had little to no sweat stains on my shirts and no odour (which has made ditching my deodorant a breeze). The pain that is expected after treatment has been minimal. It is suggested to wait 12 weeks for the full affects of the treatment to occur and whilst it is not guaranteed that just 1 treatment will suffice for all, you will certainly notice a huge reduction of sweat post treatment. It

If you’ve spent years dealing with the embarrassment, wearing dark coloured clothes to hide sweaty pit stains and bills from numerous ‘temporary solutions’ associated with sweating, I can say that miraDry is definitely worth it!

Keep checking this blog post for updates and my experience as I glide through the next 12 weeks and fully notice the full effects of this amazing treatment. For more information on miraDry or for bookings, please call Absolute Aesthetics on 0330 058 1850 or email

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